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Hi everyone, thanks for showing your interest to know more about beauty remedies online. Here I will be sharing simple beauty remedies which will be inexpensive and very effective. In addition to this, I will also be sharing my knowledge on health and wellness, fashion, makeup and beauty, gardening, product reviews, cooking etc.

Well, ever since my childhood, I always had the craze to read books on home remedies, beauty remedies, health-related books, pharmacy books, books on Ayurveda. With all those books I read, I learned abundant knowledge which I generally thought of sharing with you all.

The reason I thought of blogging is my passion for beauty and health-related remedies. After testing my remedies on myself, family, friends, I came to a conclusion that why don’t I start blogging and share my knowledge with everyone?

With a lot of research and hard work, I finally launched my website beauty remedies online.

Nowadays, people don’t have time to do home remedies or age-old remedies which our mom or grandmother used to follow so they invest a lot in chemical based products. They think it saves their time and gives quick results. I agree with it and I am not against any chemical based brand.

My beauty remedies online is for those who have their faith in home remedies and to all those who don’t want to use or invest in chemical-based products. As people like me who are prone to the sensitive skin will not be able to use certain products. So I request you all to do a patch test before proceeding with any treatment.

In my blog, I’m going to share all of my home remedies/beauty remedies, fashion, health and wellness, makeup and hairstyles, reviews on products, gardening, cooking and lots more to come.

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