Natural Smoothening Face Pack and Scrub
Natural Smoothening Face Pack and Scrub
March 11, 2019
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May 14, 2019

How to get a pimple free skin in a day

pimple free skin

How to get a pimple free skin in a day – DIY beauty hacks

Hello everyone,  I know everyone wants to know about how to get a pimple free skin. I hope you are all reading our skin whitening and brightening home beauty remedies. Keep sharing our tips with your friends and family and get more amazing beauty tips. Now let’s talk about how to get rid of acne in a day with using natural ingredients remedy.

Pimple free skin hacks – There are three proven steps to get rid of a pimple in a day.

First of all, suppress a pimple. Take a clean cotton cloth and put an ice cube in a cloth. Rub or tap it on a pimple for minutes. It will also help you with pain relief.

There is another option as well for pain relief that applies an aloe vera on the pimple whenever you feel the pain.
Wash it after 5-10 minutes. Even if you will keep it for a longer duration it will only help.

The second step is to take a pinch of cinnamon powder, add one Cardamom powder and three to four milk drops mix them all well. Apply it on a pimple and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, take a cotton ball to wipe it off.

Another method is applying tea tree oil on a pimple and leaves it 20 minutes before wiping it. Use any of this method whichever is easy for you. The last step is to crush few leaves of mint and mix it with a drop of honey. Apply this paste on a pimple it will help to heal. Keep it on for 10 minutes.

There is one advice to all of you guys, never poke a pimple because it will explode and you will have another pimple at another place.

I hope this remedy works for you well.

If you have any allergies with any ingredients, please do not use that ingredient.

Please share this tip with your friends and family, because “sharing is Caring”.

Thank you.

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