Anti-Aging remedies
Best Anti-Aging remedies
March 11, 2019
How to do facial at home
How to do facial at home using natural ingredients
March 11, 2019
Tips of Ancient beauty

6 proven Tips of Ancient beauty

Today I’m sharing all the proven tips of ancient beauty.

1. Tips of Ancient beauty – Mung beans

Mung bean is high in protein and minerals. Buy green mung beans from any Asian store and make a sprout of it. Make a paste of mung bean sprouts and mix it with rose water (one spoon). Apply it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and rains it after with cold water.

2. Rosewater

Use rose water in any face pack or apply it when you go to sleep. The best easy way to use is to add rose water in a spray bottle. Keep spraying on your face whenever you get time during the day. It will make your skin glow and fresh.

3. Saffron oil + milk bath

In ancient time queen and princess used to have a bath with milk and saffron, also they use saffron oil to massage their body. Milk helps your skin to be smooth. Saffron makes your skin white and makes it soft as butter. The combination of this two is very beneficial.

Saffron nowadays is too costly that everyone cannot afford to have a bath, but we can hold on to milk it is easy
and yet affordable. Add a small bowl of milk into your bathing water or into a bathtub and have a bath with that. It will also help you to get fair and smooth skin.

4. Mint(mask honey mint cucumbers for toning skin)

You may not have heard about it but in ancient time women’s also used to make a mask of mint that works as a skin toning remedy.

To make a mask follow these steps:

Crush fresh mint leaves. To make it more beneficial you can add 2 spoons of cucumber’s pure juice and mix it well. Apply this mixture on your face for 20 to 30 minutes or until it gets dry.

5. Honey(hair pack and castor oil)

Honey is all time favorite when we talk about beauty or health. Honey works amazingly inside and outside of the body. It helps you to prevent obesity if you drink it with warm lemon water and a spoon of honey in the morning.
Apart from that it also helps you make your skin glow and soft while hair shiny and healthy.

6. Sea salt

Sea salt is an amazing ancient secret. Women use it as a natural scrub. It has minerals also provides fluid and helps to avoid dehydration. Sea salt also helps to get an inner glow out. It helps to remove a dead cell from your skin.

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