Amla Or Indian Gooseberry's Benefits For Hair Skin And Health
Amla Or Indian Gooseberry’s Benefits For Hair, Skin And Health
June 21, 2019
Ashwagandha For Skin, Hair And Health
Amazing Benefits Of Ashwagandha For Skin, Hair And Health
June 21, 2019

Wonderful Health Benefits of Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)

Health Benefits of Arjuna

Top Health Benefits of Arjuna

There are so many Health Benefits of Arjuna we need to know.  Arjuna consists of dried stem bark of the plant known as Terminalia arjuna, belongs to the family Combretaceae.
Arjuna tree is very common in the Indian peninsula.

It is distributed throughout the beaches of streams and common in Chhota-Nagpur and Dehradun. Arjuna can be successfully cultivated by sowing seeds or by means of stumps.

The seeds take about 21 days for germination. It needs moist, fertile soil for its growth. The seeds ripe during February and May. The seeds get dispersed through streams and also by means of the wind.

Mostly, the plants are found growing near rivers. The color of the inner and outer side of the bark is greyish brown.

Arjuna contains about 15% tannins. It also contains triterpenoid saponins. In addition, it contains beta-sitosterol, ellagic acid, and arjunic acid.

The crystallizable compounds reported are arjunine and arjunetine. Calcium, magnesium salts are the constituents of arjuna.

Health Benefits of Arjuna that we need to know

The Arjuna bark is used as a cardiotonic, styptic (causes bleeding to stop), febrifugal and antidysenteric. It possesses diuretic and tonic properties.

Terminalia contains ingredients that help stimulate the heart.
It helps the heart by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Arjuna is well known as a cardiotonic or heart tonic.
It strengthens the heart muscles and treats cardiac functionality.

It increases coronary artery flow and protects the heart muscles from ischemic damage. The paste of the Arjuna bark is used to promote fast healing in case of fractures.

The paste is also useful in treating pimples, dark spots, stubborn acne marks when used along with milk.

Arjuna bark powder helps in treating high blood pressure, chest pain and bad cholesterol (LDL) by reducing the chances of clot formation.

It is used to prevent the formation of ulcers. It is an antioxidant, helps in fighting the free radicals.

It helps to control and manage diabetes or sugar levels.
Arjuna helps to prevent oxidative stress thereby preventing kidney, liver dysfunction or damage.

The antifungal property in Arjuna helps in fighting ringworm infection. Those suffering from shortness of breath or asthma can be treated with Arjuna.

Cough associated with weakness and fatigue and be reduced using Arjuna. Arthritis patients can also be treated with Arjuna. Gastritis, heartburn can be prevented using Arjuna.

So these were some of the wonderful Health Benefits of Arjuna. Hope you liked it

NOTE: Consult a registered medical practitioner for the dosage.

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